Shadow of the Flame (Taladas Trilogy: Book 3)

Book 3

This book was good but it simply wasn’t as good as the previous novels.  It’s not that the writing was bad but the story was a but dull.  It wasn’t as awesome as it should be for a final novel.  Don’t get me wrong, it had it’s funny moments and the ending was such a great ending, but over all, the book was a bit lackluster.  The ending was awesome, and the action and dialogue was both well written and humorous.  It just seemed a bit longer than it needed to be, as the the author was having some problem trying to get from point A to point B.  It was a decent enough finale to the trilogy, but it was a bit boring which I find disappointing in Chris Pierson’s writing because he did so well to create this darker land than Ansalon ever was.  And the character development was also very well.  Over all a decent enough book and I did enjoy the ending, it was quite bitter sweet and I love my bitter sweet endings.  2.5/5 ‘s and a “C+”.

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