Casa de mi Padre

Casa_de_Mi_PadreWill Ferrell in an overly dramatic Telenovella…and he’s speaking Spanish.  This was quite possibly the most hilarious movie that I have seen recently.  Will Ferrell has no idea of what he is saying in this movie.  It was amazing.  It was hilarious and I could not stop laughing.  Of course I watched it with subtitles, cause I don’t speak a lick of Spanish either, but I was still laughing.  It was overly dramatic, clever and written very well.  I loved the acting and all I can say is that, yes, I bought this movie.  It was just too funny not to buy.  I absolutely loved it.  Some parts were just, oh good heavens, they were simply hilarious and so wrong!  I loved the story and I loved the writing in this movie, it was very clever and the story line, as with any comedy, was complete ridiculous.  But there is a difference between ridiculous and stupid.  This movie was…overdramatic, but not overdone.  I don’t know how to describe it really, but it was a very well done movie,  overdramatic, but that’s where all the fun was in the movie, and that’s why it was good.  Leave it to Will Ferrell to star in a telenovella.  4/4 ‘s & a “A”.

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