Get Your Hands On A ‘Golden’ Persona 4 Golden Preorder Bonus

By: Shawn Collier   (@ShawnCollier)


Last month Atlus revealed the finalized North American box art for Persona 4 Golden. For those who followed the game’s Japanese release, you already know that a special accessory bundle was released alongside the game. It sold out super fast over there, but if you are fast enough, you might just get a chance to get it in North America!

Among the changes in P4G is the addition of new social links, updated and retouched graphics and new Persona and skills. Approximately 1.5x more dialogue compared to the original release is inside this port and there’s even a new online-enabled option where fellow gamers can help you out when you’re in a pinch. The game’s Japanese release has had some serious fanfare as well as it was the first game to break the 100k units sold barrier for the system in Japan and provided a huge spike in the number of hardware sales.

For the first 100,000 people who buy the special Solid Gold Premium Edition, you will get the game, a Hori hard pouch, a Hori face cover, a protective skin and stickers. All of these items, which can be seen below, are themed specially for Persona 4 Golden. If you aren’t lucky enough to get in for that edition, however, you can still get the protective skin as a pre-order bonus at participating retailers.

Persona 4 Golden will be released on the PlayStation Vita later this Fall in North America.

Source: Gaming Union

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