Daniel Radcliffe Will Sprout Horns In New Supernatural Thriller

By: Mack Rawden

daniel_radcliffe_31886No one knew quite where Daniel Radcliffe’s career might take him post-Harry Potter. Given how recently the beloved series ended, it would probably be unfair to make a larger commentary on what type of movies he prefers, but I think it’s probably fair to say he has no interest in taking the safe route. Earlier this year, the actor starred in the horror/ thriller The Woman In Black. Next year, fans will see him as Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings, and now, he’s apparently on board for a supernatural fantasy/ thriller in which he’ll play a man growing horns.

Horns, based on a novel of the same name by Joe Hill, follows a man suspected of raping and murdering his girlfriend. After he begins mysteriously sprouting the horns referred to in the title, the protagonist embarks on his own quest to find the real murderer, using the power of his new features to tempt people to explore their own demons and give up their secrets.

According to Variety, The Hills Have Eyes director Alexandre Aja is on board to direct, and In Treatment’s Keith Bunin will handle the adaptation. There’s no word yet on potential co-stars or desired start date, but with the main pieces now in place, the specifics should begin working themselves out shortly.

This could be wildly campy a la Aja’s Piranha 3D or it could be emotional and terrifying. We probably won’t know until we get a look at some footage. I’m not even sure which I’d look forward to more.

Source: Cinema Blend


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