Star Wars: First Assault coming to XBLA?

By: Eddie Makuch

StarWars_75518_screenA new Star Wars game is headed to Xbox Live Arcade, according to an eagle-eyed NeoGAF forum user. Cover art for Star Wars: First Assault (below right) bears the iconic Star Wars font and style, and appears to show a battalion of stormtroopers taking on rebel forces.

The game has not yet been announced by LucasArts, but it is not entirely a mystery. In August, the company filed a trademark application for Star Wars: First Assault for “interactive video games,” among other things. Additionally, currently redirects to the official Star Wars website.

A LucasArts representative told IGN, “It is an exciting time at our company right now, however, we don’t have any announcements at this time.”

Though Star Wars: First Assault is not confirmed, LucasArts took the lid off Star Wars 1313 over the summer. That third-person action game is set beneath the surface of Coruscant, with players taking on the role of a lethal bounty hunter in a seedy atmosphere

Source: GameSpot

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