Toriyama: Lightning Returns will be the most “complete and polished game in the Final Fantasy series”

By: Erren Van Duine

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be the most “complete and polished game in the Final Fantasy series” according to Motomu Toriyama.

Citing a recent interview with VG247, the director spoke about all things Final Fantasy 25th anniversary and included a brief bit on his latest project, Lightning Returns.

While not due to launch until next year, Toriyama reminds us that his latest title is “the newest installment in the Lightning saga that began with Final Fantasy XIII and also brings the saga to a conclusion. In the game Lightning will enter the final battle against a fate brought about by a new deity.”

Changes to the game’s systems “will feature direct action battles perfectly suited to Lightning, as well as character customization, and will really take care to thoroughly embody the character of Lightning herself. The game concept will be very much “world driven” this time round,” says Toriyama.

“We are going to build a finely detailed world which changes in real time along with the passing of day and night over 24 hours.” Toriyama also hints at a feature that will connect the world of Lightning Returns to our own in that we’ll “see setups with the world of Final Fantasy entering into our everyday lives.”

Given that the game will be the third entry using the Crystal Tools engine on current generation hardware, Toriyama promises that it will be “the most complete and polished game in the Final Fantasy series.”

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is scheduled for some time in 2013. For even more information, see our transcribed developer interview available here.

Source: Nova Crystallis

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