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Win your way into the closing credits of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

By: Erren Van Duine Square Enix is looking to crown the first-ever global “super fan” of Final Fantasy. As part of their 25th anniversary celebrations for the series, Square Enix is offering fans to prove how much they love Final Fantasy in an all-new contest. The rules are simple: submit a 30-60 second video explaining to the world why you are the ultimate fan. Full details have yet to be announced, but should be available on the official contest site shortly. The crowned []

Guests and new songs revealed for Distant Worlds: 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy concerts

By: Erren Van Duine Distant Worlds: The Celebration, which will be hosted in London and Chicago, will be bringing with it a host of new additions and more. The Celebration program is full of exciting premieres, beloved classics and wildcards, including these new Final Fantasy scores: Battle With Four Fiends (FINAL FANTASY IV) Main Theme (FINAL FANTASY V) Vana’diel March (FINAL FANTASY XI) The Dalmasca Estersand (FINAL FANTASY XII) A newly arranged version of Maria & Draco (FFVI), along with classics like []

The English version of Final Fantasy Type-0 remains in limbo

By: Erren Van Duine Final Fantasy Type-0 still isn’t coming to the west anytime soon. That harsh reality was reenforced at Tokyo Game Show, where several sources in and outside of Square Enix confirmed the continued non-existence of the game’s localization. According to 1UP’s Jeremy Parish, “no less than four people I talked to at TGS made it very clear that the English version of Type-0 is moribund, at least in its current form.” All of this despite various reports that have []

Square Producer Says Final Fantasy XIV Reborn Feels More Like Final Fantasy

By: William Usher After suffering the humiliating defeat at the hands of the public over the rushed and incomplete release of Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix had to tuck tail and go back into hiding to fix up, revamp and redo the game. Well, now the producer of the game is saying that FF XIV has more of a Final Fantasy-feeling to it than it did before. Play Front managed to get a quote from producer Sun Yoshida, who stated that: “The []

Final Fantasy Type-0 Bahamut prototype on display at New York Comic Con

By: Erren Van Duine Final Fantasy Type-0′s rendition of Bahamut is on display at New York Comic Con this week. The classic Final Fantasy summon joins Kefka, Shiva (FFVIII), Alexander (FFVIII), and Bomb in Square Enix’s latest Creatures Kai volume, which is set to launch in February 2013 for approximately $54.99. Bahamut marks the first time any sort of figure was designed for Final Fantasy Type-0, as the game did not get to enjoy any character Play Arts upon release. Final Fantasy []

Nomura: Development on Final Fantasy Versus XIII is steadily continuing

By: Erren Van Duine Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s development is steadily continuing, according to Testuya Nomura.. Full details from our initial report on his interview with Famitsu magazine have surfaced online with the vast majority of the content focusing on Kingdom Hearts HD. Following those words, Nomura broke the silence on his flagship project Final Fantasy Versus XIII. This marks the first time he has gone on record about on the project since rumors sprang up surrounding the game’s cancellation back in []

Toriyama: Lightning Returns will be the most “complete and polished game in the Final Fantasy series”

By: Erren Van Duine Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be the most “complete and polished game in the Final Fantasy series” according to Motomu Toriyama. Citing a recent interview with VG247, the director spoke about all things Final Fantasy 25th anniversary and included a brief bit on his latest project, Lightning Returns. While not due to launch until next year, Toriyama reminds us that his latest title is “the newest installment in the Lightning saga that began with Final Fantasy XIII []