The Titan’s Curse (Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Book 3)

The Titans CurseExciting and captivating book full of wonders that offer a grand adventure.  Oh my god there were so many curve balls that were thrown in this book, I did not see any of that coming.  I mean in the end, that was just a good twist.  I loved this book so much.  The way that Riordan interprets the gods and creates them is just so believable and true to Greek Mythology…except Athena having children of course.  Over all, this was a great book.  The writing structure and the plot were well defined and structured.  The adventure and Circe were just amazing. 

I personally loved this book because I am fascinated with mythology circling Artemis. Usually her mythology is messed up but Riordan is true to her and weaves this great personality for her.  Zoe was also amazing and her connection, her characterization rather as well as her relationship with Hercules and Percy were amazing.  This book allowed Percy to develop his character so much.  Percy has progressed so very well since the first book and it’s amazing to see it.  And I say see because the imagery and description in this book are also don’t very well.  Love this book.  5/5 ★‘s and an “A”.

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