Anna Kendrick Set For Musical Adaptation The Last Five Years

By: Katey Rich

Pitch PerfectPitch Perfect isn’t the kind of monster hit that makes headlines like Taken 2or Paranormal Activity 4, but the sassy and surprisingly funny a cappella comedy is a major success, having notched $45 million at the box office since opening in late September. It’s a great launching pad for a lot of the up and coming stars in the cast, including Rebel Wilson and Anna Camp, but it’s also yet another showcase for the immense talents of Anna Kendrick, who earned an Oscar nomination for her role in Up in the Air but still has yet to break out into major stardom.

And while starring in a musical is never a guarantee of success, it will at least give Kendrick yet another chance to show off her serious pipes.  Moviehole reports that Kendrick and director Richard LaGravanese are teaming up for an adaptation of The Last Five Years, an Off-Broadway musical success from about 10 years ago. The musical tells the story of a relationship from both the man’s and the woman’s perspective, but with a twist– the man’s story moves forward in time, while the woman’s moves backwards. The play isn’t the kind of Broadway smash that automatically has people clamoring for a movie adaptation, but it’s got a lot of devoted fans, and is the kind of stripped-down story that might be able to translate easily to screen.

But as talented as Kendrick is, seemingly perfectly capable of leading an entire movie on her own, she’ll need a male co-star, and there aren’t a ton of young, musically inclined actors out there with her kind of high profile. There’s the cast of Glee, of course, but I can’t imagine Kendrick doing anything with Cory Monteith other than eating him for breakfast; Darren Criss is a real possibility, as is Jonathan Groff, a Broadway veteran who played Rachel’s boyfriend/nemesis Jesse St. James. The most obvious casting choice might be Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who does some singing on the side and is currently attached to a remake of the Little Shop of Horrors remake. But would he want to take on a second musical in addition to everything else he’s got going on?

Feel free to let us know in the comments which young actors you’d like to see take on a musical, and we’ll keep crossing our fingers that this project comes together and Anna Kendrick gets to star in a movie musical the way God intended.

Source: Cinema Blend


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