Guild Wars 2 Halloween-themed update arrives today

By: Eddie Makuch


The first major content update for Guild Wars 2 is rolling out today, publisher NCSoft has announced. The free Shadow of the Mad King adds a new four-act story, Halloween-themed activities, and nearly 80 new pieces of content in total.

The four-chapter story begins today and runs through October 31. It details the legend of the Mad King, with players able to explore the “strange energies rising under the autumn moon.” Act 2 begins October 23, Act 3 launches October 28, and the final act takes place on Halloween itself October 31.

The Shadow of the Mad King also brings new Halloween-based activities including trick or treating, and new crafting recipes. Additionally, the game world of Tyria will be decorated in line with Halloween.

Lastly, the Shadow of the Mad King adds new items to the Black Lion Trading Company, including costumes that allow players to perform “spooky spells” and tonics that morph players into ghouls and ghosts. In total, NCSoft said there will be 80 new pieces of content available in the Shadow of the Mad King update.

Source: GameSpot


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