Conviction (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Book 7)

ConvictionOkay, yeah I love this series. These books are amazing. What I liked about this book was that finally Luke is starting to see the hope in Vestara turning to the side of light. Instead of being an admonishing ass, as he has been, he had some growth in this novel. I mean think of it, Luke’s Skywalkers father of Lord Vader, and yet he tried his hardest to turn his father back to him, which he succeeded. And lets not forget his wife was the Hand of Palpatine. I mean that’s just a fact  if anything, he should not be so abbrassive to her given his past. That part has not been working with me in the past novels but finally in this novel, he has some of what made Luke Skywalker great, he had the hope. Honestly, it was an awesome book, down to the coup and the prison breakout. I mean those aspects of this novel were simply amazing. I loved this novel. Vestara as well, in her character had a lot of depth, I mean that was simply amazing. I think in these novels, she is my favorite part. Her characterization is amazing. 4/4 ‘s and an “A”.

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