Yoshi’s Land spotted for Wii U

By: Eddie Makuch

yoshi001_14352_screenLongtime Mario sidekick Yoshi is featured in Wii U launch game Nintendo Land, but he may be getting a game of his own. Listings at Best Buy and its subsidiary Future Shop for “Yoshi’s Land” have appeared and even revealed details about the unannounced game.

The product description for Yoshi’s Land says players will see Yoshi as never before: in high definition. Additionally, the game will make use of the Wii U GamePad for dual-screen play and will also boast “full integration” with Nintendo’s social service Miiverse.

A Nintendo representative was not immediately available for comment.

The Wii U launched in North America on November 18 and sold 400,000 units during its launch week. The system comes to Europe and Australia November 30 before launching in Japan on December 8.

Source: GameSpot


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