Final Fantasy next-gen tech demo took 12 months to make

By: Eddie Makuch

This summer, Square Enix showed off a next-generation Final Fantasy tech demo called “Agni’s Philosophy,” created using the company’s proprietary Luminous Studio Engine. Now, it has been revealed that Square Enix spent an entire year creating the four-minute spot.

Kotaku translated a Game Watch report that states Square Enix spent six months planning the “Agni’s Philosophy” demo before spending another six months actually developing it.

The Luminous Studio engine is currently in development at Square Enix and is planned to support game consoles, PCs, smartphones, and Web applications.

According to Square Enix, “Agni’s Philosophy” is representative of the level of visual quality Square Enix is hoping to achieve with next-generation games. The demo is focused on a magic-wielding heroine name Agni and is set in a near-future world where ancient sorcery and advanced science coexist.

Source: GameSpot


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