Wii Mini Shown On Canadian Online Retailers

By: Melissa Evans   (@Fataleflare)


Only 24 hours ago the Wii Mini was an unconfirmed console, but retailer postings and a few official photos have confirmed the rumor. The Wii Mini will be a smaller, downpriced version of Nintendo’s last-gen console. The listing for the system appeared on Best Buy’s Canada homepage hours after the unconfirmed report.

Wii Mini will not have internet connectivity options nor will it have Gamecube support. It is a great travel sized Wii for those who could not pick up the console before.

Canada’s Best Buy will release the Wii Mini on December 7th and pre-orders are said to start later today. It will be sold for $99.99. It is unclear at this point why it will not be releasing in the US.

SOURCE: plug-in.bestbuy.ca & Gaming Union


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