The Enchantress (Sisters of Isis: Book 3)

I loved the Daughters of the Moon Series, but this series is lacking so much in comparison.  Not only was the ending of this book incredibly melodramatic with the main character, Dalila, being the Enchantress was so outrageously melodramatic.  Not only that, the three girls in this novel have none of the spunk or self-confidence that the other girls had.  In addition, that, for me is incredibly disappointment.  All they did was whine all the time.  They are scared throughout the entire book and, I mean come-on, its book three already, they need to grow as characters and they haven’t.

Another point I would like to name is about the name of the characters.  Granted they are interesting names and cool, but they are not modern and they simply don’t fit the characters at all.  I often got confused and turned around about who I was reading and what was their past is.  They didn’t work for me at all.  Moreover, the insertion of English in-between the Egyptian phrases for “explanation” completely threw off the flow of the story.  Either use English or use Egyptian and then translate after the fact or use narrative dialogue.  That brings me to my other disappointment, the narrative dialogue, however useful it was, became quickly repetitive and unnecessary.  2/5 ‘s and a “C-“.


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