Len Wiseman Wants To Make A Modern-Day Mummy Movie

By:  Sean O’Connell

the_mummy_34612Len Wiseman appears to be pushing ahead with his planned remake of theMummy franchise, currently set up at Universal. The last attempts, as you no doubt remember, were credited to director Stephen Sommers, with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz in the leads. But Wiseman already has figured out one way to distance his property from the Mummy movies of the past.

For starters, he wants it to be “a modern-day take” that has nothing to do directly with the Sommers films. Or so he told MovieWeb during a recent interview, clarifying, “(It) is a completely different film. … It is not a remake of any kind. … It’s horror. It’s epic.”

Which is ironic, because Wiseman spoke to the site while promoting his remake of Total Recall, which is about to hit DVD shelves. The director stops short of confirming that a Mummy movie would in fact be his next film. And it’s very possible that Wiseman will want to steer clear of the occult, seeing as how he has already directed multiple Underworld movies, which trade in vampires and werewolves (but no mummies, from what I can remember).

The mummy has been a staple of Universal’s character category for decades, so it’s not strange that the studio would be interested in reviving a horror icon who absolutely could (and should) work in an epic, modern setting. Wiseman says in the interview that they still need to write the script, though they have the ideas in place for where they want to go with this reboot. And Universal would like to see a Mummy movie in theaters by 2014. Do you like his ideas? Is this a movie you would be looking forward to?

Source: Cinema Blend

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