The Haunting (Sisters of Isis: Book 4)

What can I say, not that great of a book.  Granted it was better than the previous novel, but not by much.  Here you had the character that is the neediest of them all.  Another thing that makes this series so much weaker than the previous is the fact that Isis helps out way more than The Goddess of the Moon ever did.  Sure, in the Daughters of the Moon series the goddess was able to provide some sort of help, but here, she is always helping out, allowing for no growth in the characters.  In addition, it took Abdel so freaking long to help the girls, again not allowing for the characters to help.  If you ask me, Enchantress should have been book 2 and Divine One should have book 3.

Progression is too slow, characterization is lacking and the plot line unstable, moving is inconsistent and lacking.  I mean over all, not that great of a novel, and as much as I would love to see the series complete, I can’t blame it for not being able to happen, it’s lacking on so many levels where her previous series were fluid.  2/5 ‘s and a “C-“.


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