How to Steal a Dragon’s Sword (How to Train Your Dragon: Book 8)


love the How to Train Your Dragon books and this book especially, it’s just perfect for children to read. The story is so imaginative and interactive that it just captured me. It’s a perfect book for children because of those aspects. The artwork in the story was so childish and wonderful, I mean it really I suitable for the story in a way that it draws the story out within the text of the story. None of it is distracting, not even the captions, on the contrary, it makes the story more fun to read. Call me a nostalgic, but I miss the books with pictures.

But, I digress.

The style of the story is well thought out and the plot line, but the inside and the outside are plotted very well. The inside works to make the characterization stronger and the outside works t make the plot move along smoothly. It was a fun adventurous read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. On another note, it was NOT predictable which is what I was good. Predictable stories are boring and dull, this story threw me a curve ball I did not see coming. Basically, a great book for younglings. 4/5 ★‘s and a “A”.

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