Evil Dead Remake Got NC-17 Rating On First Try

By: Katey Rich

Even though it’s a remake of a much-beloved cult horror movie, the upcoming take on The Evil Dead has been doing a great job marketing itself to skeptics, namely by promising over and over again that it’s scarier than anything you’ll ever see. They proved it, too, at New York Comic Con last fall, showing off footage so gory and weird that even hard-core horror fans were impressed.

We don’t know yet what will wind up in the final cut of the movie when it opens on April 12, but it’s very possible some of that grisly Comic Con footage won’t make it in. The movie’s director Fede Alvarez has been talking to fans on Twitter, and he revealed that to get the movie into theaters, they had to make some cuts from the original edit:


“The most terrifying film you will ever experience.” But what has he lost in the cut? A complete NC-17 version may be released on DVD later on, but will fans be disappointed to find a watered-down version in theaters– especially when the original Evil Dead is completely bananas?

Well, probably not. Given how watered-down most horror films are to begin with, if Evil Dead is a fraction as inventive and terrifying as it promises, it will clear what’s now a very low bar. But while Alvarez is proud of having to recut to score an R rating, there might be some gore-loving fans out there already wondering about what might have been lost.

Source: Cinema Blend


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