Gangster Squad

Gangster_Squad_PosterWell, the acting wasn’t bad, I can say that for sure in regards to this movie.  Not to say that this movie was bad but, well, it wasn’t great.  I mean it was okay but I think I could have missed it when it was theaters.  Acting was good and the plot was structured well but you have the mob against some cops, and the group of cops was cool, I loved each of them and how they differentiated from one another.  Character development and acting were good and I did enjoy the movie, but see, my problem with it was the fact that they were a little more gruesome with the movie than they had to be.  Now, I love horror movies so I have no problem with blood and gore but this movie really didn’t need it and yet, however minimal it was, had it.  It really diminished the movie and I didn’t like it.   It was more brutal I that aspect than it should have been.

Now, don’t get me wrong, It had it’s moments of sincerity, but one again, that was due to the acting.  1.5/4 ★‘s and a “C-“.

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