Felicity Jones Joins Jonah Hill And James Franco For True Story Crime Drama

By: Kristy Puchko

true_story_35545In February 2002, reporter Michael Finkel was hit with a major double whammy. He was fired from the New York Times for falsifying elements of an investigative article, and he discovered a dangerous killer apprehended in Mexico had been going around using Finkel’s name and identity. The criminal, who had made it near the top of the FBI Ten Most Wanted List by murdering his entire family, was actually named Christian Longo. Though his story was coveted, he’d only give it to one man: Michael Finkel. And so, Finkel set out to save his shambled career and disgraced reputation by interviewing the man who’d briefly stolen his not-so-good name.

This is the tale at the center of Finkel’s memoir True Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa, which is being prepped for a movie adaptation. It was nearly a year ago that Jonah Hill and James Franco signed on to play Finkel and Longo respectively with Rupert Goold directing. At the time, the would-be biopic called simply True Story was seeking financiers. Now Deadlinereports New Regency is producing, and casting has resumed with Felicity Jones joining the pic as its female lead, Finkel’s loyal but “long-suffering” girlfriend.

The English ingénue has been on the verge of fame for years, having scored eye-catching roles in Julie Taymor‘s adaptation of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, the buzzed about Sundance selection Like Crazy, and the period romance Cheerful Weather for the Wedding. Still, she has so far failed to break through in the States. But that seems poised to change once Amazing Spider-Man 2 emerges, though her role in the sequel has not yet been announced. Nonetheless, True Story should prove a major opportunity for her, as she’ll be starring opposite two Oscar-nominated leading men. Hopefully she’ll do the best she can with the tired stock character of the concerned but devoted girlfriend.

Source: Cinema Blend


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