Han Solo And Boba Fett Both Set For Star Wars Spinoff Films

By:  Katey Rich

star_wars_35566The Star Wars rumors have been flying furiously lately, as fans speculate not only what J.J. Abrams will be bringing with Star Wars Episode VII, but what Disney has planned with the now-confirmed spinoff films. Yesterday’s rumor was all about a standalone Yoda film, but now we’ve gotten word they’re heading in another drection, and with two more recognizably human– and at least one more charismatic– characters.

According to Entertainment Weekly, a young Han Solo would be the focus of one of the spinoffs, with the other revolving around Boba Fett “at the center of a rogue’s gallery of galactic scum.” Han’s story would, yes, be yet another origin story, although after a decade of superhero origins I think learning how a guy like that becomes so witty and badass might be a relief. And Boba Fett’s film, as you might imagine, would be about a gang of bounty hunters– something that could tie quite nicely into the rumored film inspired by Seven Samurai, but who’s asking us? There’s no director yet confirmed for either of them, but you might remember that Captain America director Joe Johnston really wanted to direct a movie about the guy, and we sincerely hope he’s at least getting a phone call today.

EW warns that it’s still early days yet, and anything could change, but it seems safe to assume based on all these rumors that there are definitely plans to set films within the original universe of Star Wars characters. Does that mean that Abrams’s Episode VII would then be safe to introduce entirely new characters? Or is this just further tinkering with the original trilogy that only leads to disaster? Let us know in the comments below, but don’t make up your mind just yet– at the rate these rumors are coming, everything we know could change again in a matter of hours.

Source: Cinema Blend


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