Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies

As far as Zombies go, I can say that this was the sweetest and most adorable of any existing zombie movie out there.  Then there was the Romero and Juliet aspect of the story.  I have to hand it to the author; he knew exactly how to structure the story in such a way as to create a heartwarming story.  Especially that terrace scene.  Perfect!

The dynamic and the way the zombies were interpreted and established was well done.  I loved R (see Romeo) and how he was a hoarder, trying to reconnect with what being human was.  It also explained the brain eating.  I mean really, I never did understand that.  But now we have an explanation!  So…woohoo!

But I digress.  Great story development, had a lard of heart, no pun intended.  And really, this is the perfect date movie.  3/4 ★‘s and an “A”.


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