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Tag: Zombies

Book of the Month Poll – February 2020

New month means new selection of books for the book of the month title. Vote here for your favorite.

Weekly Reading List #33

Can’t decide what to read next? Seen a cover in the bookstore and wondered if you should give the book a shot? Check out these titles and see if they perk your interest. Happy reading and Happy Valentines Day!

March Book of the Month Poll

Hey guys! Here’s another poll for you on the upcoming books for March. Choose which book you would like to win the book of the month by your anticipation. Happy reading.

Weekly Reading List #30

Need help deciding what to read next? Well check out this reading list to help you on your way. Happy reading!

Weekly Reading List #29

Have an ever growing list of books to read? Can’t decide what to read next? Check out this weeks reading list and see if anything here strikes your interest.

A Study on the Human Experience | Warm Bodies (Warm Bodies, #1)

Warm Bodies follows R, a zombie who seeks his memory, who seeks sounds other than grunts, who seeks a life that is is own. When he meets Julie, he gets more than he bargained for. A remarkable story that explores the human condition and the meaning of living, Warm Bodies is an excellent novel.