The Avengers 2 Starts Production In Early 2014 Outside Of London

By:  Katey Rich

The_Avengers_2_36724Both Captain America: The First Avenger and the upcoming sequel Thor: The Dark World have spent some time boosting the UK economy by shooting over in Great Britain, and now the biggest of all the upcoming Marvel movies will have its turn as well. According to Screen Daily,The Avengers 2 will be setting up shop at Pinewood-Shepperton, just outside of London, later this year, with cameras set to start rolling in early 2014.

With a May 1, 2015 release date planned, an early 2014 production start is about as late as they can push it given all the effects work that have to be done after the fact. And it will give them time to wait for the releases of Iron Man 3 (May 3) and Thor: The Dark World (November 8) to potentially shape what happens when all the superheroes get back together for Avengers 2. We know that both of those upcoming sequels will once again feed into the overarching Marvel mythology, and based on everything we’ve seen from Iron Man 3, we’ll at least be finding Tony Stark in a weakened state. With a Guardians of the Galaxy movie coming next year and an Ant-Man movie on the horizon, there are a whole lot more balls to juggle than when The Avengers arrived last summer.

But it’s that film’s massive success that brought us where we are now, and The Avengers 2 will be perfectly positioned to keep the momentum going, especially with Joss Whedon back behind it creatively and a huge cast set to return. We’ve been carefully tracking everything there is to know about the sequel so far, and as we get closer to that early 2014 start, we’ll continue bringing you all the details we can hunt down.

Source: Cinema Blend


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