Hot Tub Time Machine 2 To Start Production In June

By: Kelly West

hot_tub_time_machine_36718Those who loved the 2010 comedy Hot Tub Time Machine may want to toast this news with a can of “Chernobly.” This is the End‘s Craig Robinson says the sequel to the film is set to go into production in the beginning of June. At this point though, it sounds like negotiations are still ongoing and there’s an updated script coming.

The original movie starred Robinson, John Cusack, Clark Duke and Rob Corddy as three guys and a nephew who head off to a ski resort that was once a hot spot but is now especially rundown. When their Russian energy drink gets mixed up in the controls of their hot tub, they find themselves sent back to the 80s and into their former selves where they’re given an opportunity to set things right in their lives. As Collider points out, the film has a reputation for being a flop because its opening weekend only logged $14 million, but the movie did manage to gross $50 million domestic and the film certainly has its fans. Enough for a sequel? It sounds like we’ll find out.

Robinson told Collider that they’re “going back into production in the beginning of June” for the sequel. It sounds like the core cast isn’t locked down just yet, and there’s no confirmation of whether or not John Cusack is confirmed – back in January, word was that he wasn’t going to be involved – but it also doesn’t sound like a sure thing that the star has ruled it out. “Negotiations are still going on,” Robinson said, when asked about the status of the cast. So who knows? Maybe they’ll find a way to get Cusack back on the slopes, or wherever it is that this sequel is set.

Robinson didn’t have any specifics to offer on the plot, as he says he saw an early version of the script, but it sounds like things have changed since then. He did say Hot Tub Time Machine 2 will aim to pay homage to the first movie and keep it fresh and funny. So does that mean Crispin Glover‘s limbs will be safe this time around? Or not safe? I suppose the answer to that would fall somewhere near the line between paying homage and being fresh and funny. I’m sure they could come up with a host of new scenarios that put the Back to the Future star in danger if Glover ends up returning for the sequel. There’s also the matter of the time period, will the film return to the 80s? Or is it time to visit the 90s for a bit? Again, there’s no word on that, but if Robinson is right about the timeline for the sequel’s production, we may be hearing more details on the project as June approaches.

Source: Cinema Blend


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