Once Upon a Time Season 2 Spoilers: Will Lacey Stay in Storybrooke?

By: Kayti Burt

Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC

With magic beans being harvested and danger coming to Storybrooke in the form of Tamara and Greg, the residents of Storybrooke are looking at a big decision: should they stay or should they go? Belle’s decision is further complicated by the fact that she is now “Lacey,” her character’s “scantily clad” alter-ego, and her Once Upon a Time portrayer Emilie de Ravin talked to Hypable about how Lacey feels on the emigration issue.

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“Storybrooke’s not the safe place it used to be, we’ve got some people to watch out for!” Emilie summarized. “And you know, we don’t know if the town’s existence might be in danger and how that will affect everything. And then there’ll be people deciding if they’re gonna move home to Fairytale Land.”

So, will Belle/Lacey decide to go?

“I can’t tell you that!” she said with a laugh. “But at least for Lacey, she’s not involved, she doesn’t care. She’s doing her own thing, and Gold’s trying to get her to love him.”

Emilie did say that Lacey does not have the same urge to travel and see the world as Belle does. Apparently, she’s perfectly happy in Storybrooke.

“She’s got no instinct to leave the town, as opposed to Belle, who’s always been interested in reading about things and going places and experiencing things. Lacey is just pretty happy with her little Rabbit Hole [bar] life at the moment.”

Could this change if Lacey’s relationship to Gold changes? Perhaps. From the interview, it sounds like Lacey will be drawn to Gold’s dark side. With four episodes left in the season (and a spoiler that Rumbelle will have a “beautiful” finale moment), we could see these characters reconnecting — even if Belle stays Lacey for the time being.

Are you excited to get to know Lacey, or do you want Belle back? Do you think there’s a chance Lacey would leave Storybrooke?

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