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A Bitter Disappointment | Review of ‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’

With an all-star cast, this film still manages to fumble with an unclear storyline and not enough evil queens to fill the timeslot.


More ‘Frozen’ characters to join ‘Once Upon a Time’

In the season finale of Once Upon a Time, fans were spellbound by the appearance of Queen Elsa, the Snow Queen. And it was a confirmation that her character would be the “villain” in the fourth season of Once Upon a Time. But now, it has been revealed that more characters from the animated movie ‘Frozen’ will be joining the cast. Princess Anna and the fearless Kristoff will be joining the fourth season of Once Upon a Time.

Queen Elsa has made her appearance on “Once Upon A Time”

This Sunday ABC aired it’s two hour season finale of Once Upon a Time. As tradition goes the show has ended the season with a hook, introducing a new character, maybe even a possible villain. Who is this character? Why, it’s none other than Elsa from the Oscar-winning animated film ‘Frozen’.

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