The Company You Keep

wpid-The_Company_You_Keep_-_Movie_Review.jpgDirected by: Robert Redford

Written by: Lem Dobbs

Based on: The Company You Keep by Neil Gordon

Starring: Robert Redford, Shia LaBeouf, Julie Christie, Jackie Evancho, Brendan Gleeson, Brit Marling, Anna Kendrick, Terrence Howard, Richard Jenkins, Nick Nolte, Sam Elliot, Stephen Root, Keegan Cooner Tracy, Stanley Tucci, Chris Cooper & Susan Sarandon

The story centers around recent widower and single father, Jim Grant, a former Weather Underground anti-Vietnm War militant wanted for murder. After a reporter reveals his identity, he goes on the run to find those responsible, his ex-lover Mmi, to clear his name before he can be reunited with his daughter and stop living in hiding.

Robert Redford will forever be known as the original great Gatsby, Leonardo DiCaprio will not be able to outshine his brilliant acting, so his time on the movie screen is not new.The man who once played Gatsby is now on the run due to the far too curious and nosey reporter played by Shia LaBouf.

This movie is by no means a fast-paced action thriller as the majority of the cast is in their fifties or later, however since seeing Red that, an age truly is just a number, but it is a thrill to watch anyway. Many criticize that the movie is a nostalgia-filled movie to help the actors feel like “they’ve still got it”. The actors don’t need to see if they’ve still got it and if you think the movie is surrounded by their nostalgia, then you are missing the point the point of this very well done movie.

Robert Redford was once part of the Weather Underground, a group during the Vietnam War that violently protested after the peaceful protests got them nowhere. During a bank robbery gone south, they all had to go into hiding and it’s all about Redford making those connections again in order to clear his name. But the FBI is chasing him. Now this movie does not paint the FBI in a very fine light, making them look aggressive and stupid because they not only can’t catch Redford, they begin following Shia LaBeouf because they can’t seem to do their own research correctly! Now that is so believable hilarious. This movie focuses more on the vigilantes than on the officials who are trying to catch them in a web of lies.

Now you would think it would be a little more faced paced than it was, and it should have been. A lot of the momentum was briefly explaining what had happened in unnecessarily vague detail making the viewer wonder what exactly had happened in the past when the viewer should have been wondering what had happened next. Granted the point of the movie was not what had happened but what was going to happen, but the way that the movie was written took bits and pieces of the past and spread it thin across the movie, keeping the momentum of the movie slow. We had all the information we needed at the beginning and the rest could have been provided closer to the end to give the view and “ah!” moment, making them want tosee it again in order to fully grasp what had happened.

However good was, it falls short of exceptional. ★★★ (B+)

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