Red 2 | Movie Review

image Directed By: Dean Parisot

Screenplay By: Jon Hoeber & Erich Hoeber

Based on Red by Warren Ellis & Cully Hamner

Starring: Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Byung-hun Lee, Anthony Hopkins & Helen Mirren

There is no rest for the wicked. Bruce Willis returns as Frank Moss, retired black ops and CIA agent, who is trying to live a normal life with his girlfriend Sarah Ross played by Mary-Louise Parker. But then their old friend Marvin Boggs, played by none other than the fabulous John Malkovich, returns to visit with news that he is being watched and followed.Turns out he was right and the pair get the team back together to solve yet another mystery and save their necks.

This move was hilarious and filled with non-stop action. This movie was absolutely the perfect blend of comedy and action. Mary-Louise Parker was adorable. She is like a doe who wants to hunt. Yeah, I know, that is quite possibly the worst analogy ever but it was all I could think of. In any case, she was perfect in this movie. Her character was both fun and quirky and I absolutely loved her. Then there was her chemistry with Bruce Willis, it was amazing. The pair of them make a great onscreen couple. The whole cast was perfect, balancing seriousness with insanity to perfection. Honestly, each one of them was hilarious and perfect acting all insane but very serious as the same time. Anthony Hopkins was an amazing mad scientist, but then again he is Anthony Hopkins, he’s simply a perfect actor whose performance was flawless. Then there was Byung-hun who was just amazing! The longer he went without his precious plane the more insane he went as he tried again and again to kill Bruce Willis. The craziness in his eyes was just too much and it had me laughing every time. Oh and let’s not forget Catherin Zeta-Jones who was the perfect femme fatale still in love with Bruce Willis.

I could go on and on about the cast, but simply put, they were each amazing in this movie and complimented each other perfectly.

Now the action sequences were another reason why this movie was so great. They each flowed flawlessly into another perfectly, and they built up to the next one perfectly. Each also had the humor that as so important to make this movie work as well as it did. Each one had the right amount of subtle comedy that wasn’t forced, that just seemed to come naturally to the film and the characters. The director had amazing comedic timing; every punch line was effortless and amazing and coincided with the action sequences perfectly. Each action scene also didn’t have a superfluous s*** going on that would have made them far more convoluted than necessary. They were simple and executed amazingly well. They just don’t make action scenes like this anymore.

The scene transitions were also cool, I have no complaints about the aesthetic used to switch the scenes. The art team made use of the comic they were basing this off of to save time on the film so that more focus could be made onto the acting and the plot.

Oh and that scene with Byung-hun shirtless with his perfectly sculpted body, oh yeah, that was just icing on the cake. ★★★ (A)

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