Defiance, Rift dev reveals free-to-play RPG Trove

By: Eddie Makuch


Defiance and Rift developer Trion Worlds today announced Trove, an all-new free-to-play online adventure role-playing game, created by a “small team” over the past year.

According to Trion Worlds, Trove will feature “dynamically generated worlds” that are “fully constructible and destructible.” This will give players an “endless universe” of worlds to explore, the developer said.

Beginning today, players can sign up for Trove’s alpha testing period through the game’s website. Trion said it plans to speak directly with testers and forums like Reddit to determine the direction the game will ultimately take.

Trion also said that Trove players will be able to create and build “things” outside of the game and then import their constructions directly into the game world. No release date for Trove has been set.

Times have been tough at Trion of late. This summer, the company closed its San Diego branch and shut down its European publishing office.

Source: GameSpot

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