Ender’s Game | Movie Review

By: Cynthia A.


Directed by: Gavin Hood

Screenplay by: Gavin Hood 

Based on Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

Starring: Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley, Viola Davis, Hailee Steinfeld & Abigail Breslin

In the year 2086 an alien species called the Formics attacks Earth.  Mazar Rackham commander of ta small reserve patrol force, halts their advance, sacrificing himself and stopping the attack.  Years later, Ender is one of the world’s smartest children, constantly monitored by the International Fleet, is chosen to be a part of the worlds next army, to defend the human race from a repeat invasion from an alien race that would threaten to destroy Earth, or so we think.

This was an amazing movie.  It’s been years since this reviewer has read the novel, so as far as adaptation goes, I am not going to be completely picky.  But as far as the movie went, it was amazing.

Asa Butterfield was perfect as Ender.  He really brought the character to life from his small smiles and his analytical and precise expressions that show a mind constantly at work.  And he’s not the only one.  The casting was simply perfect for this movie.  Each of them finds themselves influences by one another.  The character growth was amazing as well.  Not only was Ender’s inner torment of being a killer like his brother addressed throughout the film in such a wonderful way, but it helped to show who he was in comparison to many of the other characters.  Who he was and why he stood out so much.  That right there was the cornerstone of the film.  He was not a killer; he was a strategist who was turned into a killer, against his very wishes.  That was just amazing.  Harrison Ford as always was perfect as was the entire cast.  Each and every one of them brought this movie life.

As far as the story goes, as work at the movies and people ask what this movie is about, many of them are turned off by the fact that it has aliens in it and that is about a war with the aliens.  Granted that is the overall scheme of things, it is actually much more than that.  It’s about the human nature, about what fear and paranoia can drive people to do, the sacrifices they are willing to make to do that.  That gives it so much depth.  Its more than just a movie about aliens invading the earth, it’s about survival and the sacrifices of war.  It is extraordinary, spectacular and just an amazing movie.

Now, more than the special effects were amazing.  From costume, design to how this futuristic world was designed was breathtaking.  Despite the science fiction of the movie, everything was grounded into a realist sort of fashion.  The way the society was structured and how the war was structured, all of that together makes this movie incredibly worthwhile to see.  You don’t have to like Aliens or that stuff in order to enjoy this movie.  From acting to storyline, this movie is a masterpiece.  ★★★★ (A)

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