Free Birds | Movie Review

By Cynthia A.


Directed by: Jimmy Hayward

Screenplay by: Jimmy Hayward & Scott Mosier

Story by: David I. Stern & John J. Strauss

Starring: Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson, Amy Poehler & George Takei

Two birds, Jake and Reggie, go on a mission to the first thanksgiving in order to stop the first thanksgiving and take Turkeys off the menu (although not mine—sorry turkeys).

From the very moment that this film started, the hilarity began.  It was hilarious how it started with Reggie, being the only smart turkey in his flock, one who goes against the norm and fights conformity!  Yeah!  He also proves the point that it’s okay to be different and smart which is a good message for children.

It also sends a message to not give up and to look at other creatures as though they are more than just animals, which they are.  Society these days don’t really look at animals as anything other than food, so it was a good choice to layer this movie with a theme like that, especially for the younger generation who are incredibly impressionable.  Giving the Turkeys a humanizing element, although it may not stop all houses from having a turkey for the holidays, highlights that they are not just animals.  Some critics say that it’s a family movie that “exercises in family-friendly cultural insensitivity”. That is looking at the movie in such a critical way that underappreciates the value of the meaning behind the movie and the fact that Thanksgiving has been turned into a family event that revolves around a roasted turkey rather than about the idea of giving thanks.  My environmental ethics teacher, who is by no means a vegetarian, would appreciate this movie.

Nevertheless, even without those, it was hilarious.  The two turkeys are out of their element as they go back in time and enter into a world where the turkeys are not only fighters, but smart ones as well.  Time paradoxes aside, which wholly weren’t done so bad, the humor in the movie was greatly executed.

All in all, it was a fun movie, it was heartwarming and funny and just a beautiful movie to watch.  And the additional voice acting of George Takei was perfect, not to mention the angry birds joke, that was also pretty priceless.

Now, onto the animation.  It was very well done and didn’t need to be converted into 3D.  The detail on the leaves, feathers and over all scen  ery was perfect.  And where the time traveling was concerned, it was awesome.  From coloring to style, it was great.  The sound effects just added to it.

This good, funny movie that deserves to be seen.  Don’t let harsh criticism stop you from seeing it.  ★★★☆ (B)

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