Haven or Prison? | Cyn’s Book Review of Asylum (Causal Enchantment, #2) By K. A. Tucker

By:Cynthia A.


By: K. A. Tucker

Published: July 15, 2011

Publisher: Papoti Books

Series: Causal Enchantment

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Young Adult

Following the events of Anathema, Evangeline is sent off to Sophie’s wintery hideaway with the entire staff of Viggo and Mortimer’s prison, along with the Julian and Valetina, two people everyone would prefer dead than alive.  Still trapped by the curse, Evangeline struggles with her new life and the possible thought that the man she loves is gone forever.

Meanwhile back in Manhattan, Sophie struggles to keep all the Vampire’s from Ratheus under control, but with Viggo growing more desperate by the hour and the rising of Sentinal, the secret organization that seeks the death of all Vampire’s, her life couldn’t become more complicated.

Book two in the Causal Enchantments sucks readers in by throwing lies, secrets and betrayal into the novel at precisely the right moment to create jaw dropping moments that drive the story forward.

Since the story is essentially separated into two subplots, a lot more is added to the overall plot.  Revealed at the end of the last book was what’s needed to end the curse, leaving Sophie with a dramatic choice to make.  This brings a lot to her character and gives the readers a reason of why she is essential to the story.  The writer’s idea to give Sophie a point of view was a brilliant choice because not only are readers given a chance to understand Sophie, fans now see her true motivation, why she keeps so many secrets and trusts no one.  It not only explains a lot of the last book, thus making the connection between the characters stronger, but also shows the immense growth her character has undergone from her first introduction in the Prologue of Anathema.  As a very strong character, readers are able to see what makes her human, her weaknesses and her love, her very emotions that drive her forward that also threaten to kill her.  It gives a lot of depth to her character while highlighting her humanity that juxtaposes her very inhuman state, i.e. her vampirism.

For Evangeline there is a lot that has change for her character.  No longer is she this young naïve girl who sits idly by, but instead she is this strong determined young woman who is ready to take charge and deal with the harsh reality that has become her life.  It’s complex and by no means easy to accept, especially after all the lies and betrayals she has felt since finding, not one but several connections that has been deprived of her.  But the detail and thought put into her character has given her an insurmountable strength that makes her a likable character.  It’s not enough that the writer says she puts her foot down, but actually being able to see that strength rise within her character has turned her from a plain character into one worthy of being a heroine.

Given all the complexities and the revelations in this novel, it’s easy to follow.  Tucker uses detail and dialogue to set up the scenes perfectly to capture an audience.  From one plot point to another, Tucker uses her scenes and actions to make the story flow while at the same time changing the direction of it.  Closing one door, she left one wide open for exploration.  ★★★★☆ (B+)

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