Sailor Moon is Returning to U.S. Audiences

By: Cynthia Ayala

Attention all Sailor Moon fans! It has been announced that the iconic Japanese Anime series “Sailor Moon” will be coming to Hulu May 19th.

Check out the official announcement right here:


The show will be streaming uncut and completely remastered trough a deal with distribution company Viz Media. The show will also include new dubbing and will air every episode, all 200. This includes the final fifth season “Sailor Stars” that went previously unaired in the United States.

Additionally, in an agreement between Viz and Toei Animation Co., who previously held the North American rights exclusively, Hulu will be showing the forthcoming “Sailor Moon Crystal”.

Masayuki Endo, G.M. of Toei Animation had this to say about the deal:

“We’re pleased to partner with Viz Media to bring the beloved ‘Sailor Moon’ anime series back to North America. This fresh, uncut and uncensored release of ‘Sailor Moon,’ featuring the most accurate adaptation available, will be just as creator Naoko Takeuchi intended. We look forward to fans current and new discovering and falling in love with this classic series all over again.”

As a long time fan of Sailor Moon since I was child, you can expect me to be tuning in every week to watch the uncut of Sailor Moon.

‘Sailor Moon’ is set to debut on May 19th and later this year, DVD and limited-edition Blu-ray/DVD packs are planned for distribution. Color me excited.

Source: Variety

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