Stephen Amell Talks Harley Quinn

By: Cynthia Ayala

Harley Quinn was first teased in the episode with the Suicide Squad but now it seems that viewers will be seeing more of her.

As it turned out, with the Suicide Squad in the final episode of Arrow, Harley Quinn was supposed to make her appearance. Not only that, but her scene in Episode 16 of season 2 was cut down due to time. Considering all the talk about more Batman villains within the next season of ‘Arrow’ viewers can only speculate that that means more Harley Quinn within the series.

Initially, fans could only guess that the girl with the messy blond hair who said, in the almost unmistakable high-pitched voice, that she was a trained psychologist, would be Harley Quinn. After simply referring to her as the “deranged Squad female”, executive produced Marc Guggenheim confirmed that she was indeed a Batman villain.

Harley Quinn on 'Arrow'
Harley Quinn on ‘Arrow’

Stephen Amell revealed that in the additional scene, a scene that was cut out due to time constrains, that “there was an additional scene with that character in the finale—again, still in the cell, still with her back to us – but it had to be cut for time”.

How unfortunate, personally as a fan I would have loved to see more of her on the show, because I am a hardcore fan of Harley Quinn, but considering there was so much going on in that season finale already, an additional scene with her just behind bars would have disrupted the continuity and the speed of the episode.

Anyone else excited to see more Harley Quinn? I vote classic or Arkham City outfit.

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