Gripping To The Last Second | Review of ‘Edge of Tomorrow’

By: Cynthia Ayala  

Edge of Tomorrow offers amazing action sequences as well as fresh laughs and a unique take on the science fiction film genre.


Directed by: Doug Liman

Screenplay by: Christopher McQuarrie, Jez Butterworth & John-Henry Butterworth

Based on All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka

Starring: Tom CruiseEmily BluntBrendan GleesonBill PaxtonJonas ArmstrongTony WayKick GurryFranz Drameh

Genre: Science Fiction, Action

Earth is at war with an alien species called ‘Mimics’, creatures that are seemingly invincible. Major Wiliam Cage, an officer who has ever seen battle before finds himself in a suicide mission. But with his first kill that leads to his death, Cage finds himself stuck in a time loop that allows him to train with Commander Rita, the only person to lead a victory against the ‘Mimics’ and finally put an end to the alien invasion.

Edge of Tomorrow offers viewers something new, taking an action packed view on Groundhog Day giving viewers laughs and an amazingly unique story as the movie follows a war against aliens who seek to take over the world. While the premise of the alien invasion is a cliché one, the direction this movie took in order to present the plot line was unique. The movie follows Tom Cruise as a disgraced officer, a coward, who is thrown into battle where is kills an Alpha Mimic, one that has the power to reset time to their advantage. But when the blood spills on him and connects with his blood, he gains the power, sending him into a time loop. What’s amazing is the comedic value in the movie and the time flashes. Each time flash offers something new and hilarious preventing them from being tedious. Following Tom Cruise, he see him turn from coward to hero as he becomes the guard for Emily Blunt, the strong female protagonist within the film as she takes on the enemy.

That is the next point in what makes this a strong movie: Emily Blunt. Her character was amazing and her delivery of a strong female protagonist. For more than half of the film, Emily Blunt is the shining star, the strength within the film, carrying her guns and her sword and her frailty. Even in the face of death, because this is a film where war and survival are prominent, she remains strong and gives viewers a captivating performance.

Then, of course, there’s Tom Cruise, who turns into the hero in the film, after he struggles with his countless times of dying. Even in face of death, and not his own, he tries to do what’s right. His performance of a coward really is unlike most of his other performances, a breath of fresh air really (although I would like to see him play a villain or reprise his role as the Vampire Lestat).

However, it’s not just the pair of them that make up the movie. The cast is much larger in the movie and the character development and connections between all of them is strong to allow the viewer to connect to the characters and push them to the edge of their seats as they struggle and fight for humanity.

Additionally, there is the ingenious design of the alien race and their capabilities. The mimics are almost like sentient machines, but they act like a hive, you kill the queen, the Omega, and they all fall. But what’s clever and makes them virtually undefeatable is their ability to reset time. It’s a unique aspect that gives viewers a fresh new movie that will push all viewers to the edge of their seats.

Three words sum up this movie: amazing, brilliant and outstanding. This movie does not disappoint. ★★★★ (A+)

P.S. Video gamers will completely understand the frustration that Tom Cruise’s character goes through, to get so far then die, resetting to the last point of ‘save’.

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