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By: Cynthia Ayala

I am utterly horrified that actions of cruelty are condoned and that animals are subjected to such cruelty. Now, I know that possum’s are not animals that people think kindly of, I personally disagree and find them adorable and cute, but my personal feelings aside, they are living breathing creatures that do not deserve to be subjected to horrible painful death for entertainment.

So here’s the letter, written by Kathleen J. of the Care2 Petitions Team, explaining the petition.

❝Every New Year’s Eve, the town of Brasstown, North Carolina traps a terrified possum in a clear box, dangles it above a crowd of screaming partiers, and drops it for entertainment. Beth started a Care2 petition to stop this cruel tradition. Will you sign it?

Possums are nocturnal, shy creatures who are terrified of humans and noise. Shutting one in a box and surrounding it with fireworks, gunshots, and shouting people is traumatizing. With nowhere to flee, it can only scrabble helplessly at the walls of its prison as it plummets toward the yelling throng.

Possums are supposed to be protected by state wildlife laws, but lawmakers have intervened before to make the “possum drop” possible, even going so far as to pass a bill explicitly legalizing this cruelty from December 26 through January 2.

If the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission issues a permit to Brasstown, North Carolina, they will be able to torture another possum this year. This disgusting practice must no longer be allowed to continue. Sign Beth’s petition before New Year’s Eve to ask North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission not to issue a permit for a cruel “possum drop”.❞

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