2016 Election: My Reaction

By Cynthia Ayala

Today is a day of despair for our country. I’ve been mulling over it since this morning trying to come up with some sort of response for what has happened and I’m just a plethora of emotions: rage, despair, depression, sadness, confusion. I can’t believe there are so many misogynists, racist, bigoted people in this nation of culture, this nation that implies a sort of “American Dream” for immigrants who will no longer be accepted into a nation that should have stood for acceptance above all else. This country was a unity that was formed for many reasons, that has grown with revolutions based on acceptance and equality. Now we all now that at least half of this country is united in one thing: hatred. But not just hatred, a fear of the unknown, anger at those who are difference, a lack on unacceptance for who people are and where they came from. I’m ashamed at this country, disillusions, depressed that this is what has become of the land of the free. Now hatred and bigotry are free to roam and hurt those of us who are not the privileged straight white male. And that scares me and angers me. That is not what this country is supposed to be but it seems that that is what this country has become.

Was Hilary perfect? No. My first choice was Bernie who stood for everything I believed in. Personally, I think this would have been the moment for Hilary to really step aside and for the Democratic Party to pull together and unite behind the more popular candidate. I get wanting to be the first female president, but the Democratic Party, you guys must have seen that Bernie was the more popular vote across the age group. As much as that sucks it was the reality. Bernie Sanders should have been the candidate.

But that wasn’t the case and now Donald Trump is our president and our country has fallen. If you disagree with me and agree with Trump that’s fine. This is a free country where free expression stands proudly in our constitution, all I ask is think about the things he says. Think about the words, think about the context and the effect it could have for your fellow Americans. Please think about it. That is all I ask.

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