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Hey, so I wrote some books! Didn’t know if any of you readers out there already knew that or not. But hey now you do! Books are available online in paperback form on Bookshop, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble as well as ebook form on Amazon Kindle (free to read for Kindle Unlimited subscribers).

Check them out and let me know if you like them (or not). Reviews are always appreciated (even the bad ones). And don’t just leave reviews on Amazon, leave them on Goodreads too. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Happy reading!

Eris and Selene Sintas thought their menial Witching lives were simple. That was until the magical barrier protecting their small town vanished in the night, attracting not just the Vampyre’s that go bump in the night. Suddenly, the two siblings discover that they have been dragged into a war between the sisters of light and darkness. Now, hunted by creatures stronger than Vampyre’s and far more evil, the Sintas Siblings must find refuge before they lose their souls to the Goddess of Darkness.

Centuries have passed since the Sintas siblings were turned into creatures of the night. They thought they were safe. They were wrong. Darkness has found a way into their hearts, into their lives as the past returns. She of the Darkness, the Goddess of Evil, is not done with them yet. Driven by revenge her plot manipulates and brings the past back to life. Can the bond between the Eris and Selene stay strong or will they be divided by the war of the Gods in their game of chess?

The Final Novel in the Eclipsing Trilogy The clock is ticking… Darkness is rising… And even immortals can die and wither away… THE WAR is coming to a close. Selene refused to choose between her brother and the man she loved and now that will cost her everything. Caught between love and hatred, Selene must return home, must come out of hiding and step into the light. She is the key to ending the Darkness and saving the souls of those she loves. But Lilith and Evida stand in her way. And while she’s been gone an evil has awakened in her coven. Alongside her brother, she must fight the growing evil and unveil the secrets of the past and see past her deepest desires.

Lucita is starting at a new school. Silvia is keeping a secret. Rebecca is struggling with herself. Three girls and their friends have entered high school, and for each of them, it’s hard enough without having to deal with friends, betrayal, and their insecurities. High School is tough enough without having to be the new girl.

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