Thanks to Bookshop, Indies Stand a Chance Against Amazon – InsideHook

Hey there readers! If you’re a book lover like myself and want to support booksellers check out this article to help you out.

For every story of a business being devastated by the coronavirus pandemic, there’s a story of an ingenious plan owners, patrons and communities have cooked up to save one. Indie movie theaters are selling virtual tickets, whiskey temples are liquidating their rare assets and there’s even a NSFW riff on Uber Eats.

Independent bookstores around the country have a particularly clever lifeline, one perfectly suited to the unprecedented moment we find ourselves in. The strange part? It came into being just weeks before the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, and before the bookstores started closing up shop wondering if they’d reopen at all.

The lifeline in question is called Bookshop. In simple terms, it’s a super clean, user-friendly online bookstore whose raison d’être is supporting independent bookstores — not simply with exposure or resources (though that’s certainly a factor), but with cold hard cash. 

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