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The Broken Raven continues the journey of Agatha and Jamie as they return to their homeland. Unfortunately, their land is still taken over by those who betrayed them, forcing them to live in an enclave with the clave they saved from the hands of the cruel king of Norveg.

Interesting Writing

The Broken Raven

The Broken Raven
Joseph Elliot
Walker Books US

What was most interesting is the way Elliot decided to write the novel. Now, I am not a reader familiar with old English, Gaelic, or Celtic, but what I can say is it was a unique way that Elliot decided to tell the story. The language and style of writing caught me off guard only because I was not expecting it. It does not hinder the reading. Instead, it makes the story more accessible to the reader.

Elliot made a great decision with the writing, especially when you consider that the main character is autistic. The story is a breeze to read because it is engaging. However, the words and language are phonetically structured, the way it sounds, which is excellent because it will help people who have difficulty reading, and those just learning to read. Honestly, it made the style, while unpredictable, making reading more enjoyable.

Character Development

Now, what The Broken Raven did that The Good Hawk did not was give Jamie a chance to shine. Agatha still shines in this novel as much as the previous novel, which is remarkable for diversity and representation. Once again, it is great to see an autistic individual given a chance to shine in literature; it gives any readers out there an opportunity to see that society should not limit them and they can do whatever they set their minds to. It is empowering to see her respected for change.

However, for Jamie, he did not get a chance to shine so much in The Good Hawk, whereas now Elliot delved more into his growth as a hero and a character. Jamie and Agatha witnessed much death in the previous novel. With everything happening now, the rising tension with the Clan they saved, Jamie is trying to recover from the previous novel’s pain; he is learning to overcome his issues and the traumatic experiences while also learning to accept his sexuality. Elliot gives more time and devotion to growing out his characterization.

Final Thoughts

The Broken Raven is a captivating novel with an engaging plot and characterization while also being accessible for everyone.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Product Details

Pub Date: January 12, 2021Page Count: 336ppAge Range: 12 & Over
ISBN: 978-1-5362-0748-4Publisher: Walker Books USList Price: $17.99

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