Introducing “Read with Cyn’s Workshop”

Hey there everyone! So as part of my goal to continue to grow Cyn’s Workshop I have decided to start a book club!

My goal with the book club is to be more interactive with you, my readers. I love writing my reviews but I also like talking about what I’m reading now.

The way the book club will go is I have a bunch of suggestions posted so we can all vote together on the next read. These are all books on my dresser currently yelling at me to read them 😋. But I also want you guys to suggest some things that way we can all read something that we maybe wouldn’t normally read.

Right now I have Kindred Spirits set up as the current read in anticipation of Dragonslance’s return with Dragons of Deceit this August.

I’m super excited and hope you will all join me on this new chapter of Cyn’s Workshop.

Join “Read with Cyn’s Workshop” Here!

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