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Wind Daughter pushes characters into a fairytale setting and out of their comfort zone to show readers that a hero can be anyone.

Great Setting

wind daughter

Wind Daughter
Joanna Ruth Meyer
Page Street Kids

When the publisher says the book is “A hauntingly beautiful fairy tale about love and loss,” they aren’t wrong. It was an extraordinary tale following Satu, and it is a story about how anyone can be a hero. However, what makes the story so memorable is the world.

I have not read Echo North, but I am familiar with Meyer’s storytelling, having read Into the Heartless Wood and Beyond the Shadowed Earth. There is this beautiful tone Meyer takes when it comes to her storytelling that makes you want to read. Her stories are comfy; they make you want to curl up with a cup of hot tea or coffee and sit and read. There is warmth in Meyer’s storytelling, even with the world unraveling and a Winter Lord chasing after Satu.

Al the layers of her storytelling submerge the reader. There were times when the tone and narrative made me feel as though I were listening to a story around a campfire. That is what I mean by cozy. Wind Daughter moves at an incredible pace that speeds up at just the right moments without losing the overall momentum of the story.

And while Wind Daughter is a companion novel to Echo North, in case you’re wondering, you will not be lost in the storytelling. Meyer highlights the essential part of Echo North so well, incorporating bits and pieces here and there to capture the world in perfect detail, adding to the story of Wind Daughter.


Wind Daughter follows Satu, who lives on the mountain with her family. What makes Satu such a great character is that she suffers from social anxiety. She hates large crowds, is not a fan of enclosed spaces, and just the thought of going to school or working in the town terrifies her.

It is terrific to see social anxiety and anxiety in general normalized wonderfully. While the town may think her odd, her family loves her and, more importantly, respects her. That was one of the most beautiful things about the novel. And when the unraveling happens, they give her their love so that she has the strength to recapture her father’s magic to save the world.

Satu goes on such an extraordinary journey here that gives her the strength to accept herself and also know that her anxieties do not have to limit her. She is the wind; Satu is powerful, has always been powerful. She was just unable to see it until the end.

Final Thoughts

Wind Daughter is a magical fairy tale. It has a haunting breath, but it gives off this warmth. This novel is like a warm blanket draped around you on a winter night. It does not lack tension, pacing, or storytelling, capturing Satu’s adventure and growth with excellence.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Product Details:

Pub Date: July 12, 2022Page Count: 352ppAge Range: 14 & Over
ISBN: 978-1-6456-7436-8Publisher: Page Street KidsList Price: $18.99

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