20 Highly Anticipated Autumn Reads

Hey there readers! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I can’t believe Summer is coming to an end. But that’s okay, I may be a Summer baby, but I love Autumn. I love the cool weather, the leaves changing. And I love how perfect the weather is for curling up to a good book both inside and out. Sometimes during the summer, it is just too hot to read outdoors. But not with Fall, god, I love it. As many of you know, I prefer young adult books, so this list, to contain its length (which was a chore) solely focuses on Young Adult books. Lately, it has been tough for me as a full-time mom and full-time employee, I am left exhausted. But I will be doing my best to squeeze in some reading.

Now, these are the top 20 books I am highly anticipating, and oh my god, I hope you guys keep a lookout for them too! Happy reading

1. The Luminaries
by Susan Dennard
Genre: Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Wizards & Witches
Publisher: Tor Teen

You know, I never got to finish the Witchland series but I want to so badly. Dennard is an excellent writer and, as I’ve said before, I will read anything and everything if it has witches in it. And when Winnie of the Wednesday clan (Addams family vibes anyone?) enters into a competition to be a Hunter, a protector of Hemlock but gets in over her head only to need the help of former friend now handsome young man, you can bet I’m going to be reading this. From Susan Dennard, the New York Times bestselling author of the Witchlands series, comes a haunting and high-octane contemporary fantasy, about the magic it takes to face your fears in a nightmare-filled forest, and the mettle required to face the secrets hiding in the dark corners of your own family.

2. The Ones We Burn
by Rebecca Mix
Genre: Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books

Again, I will read everything and anything that has to do with witches. And when you say “if you liked The Witch Haven you’ll like this,” you’ve got me hooked. A warrior, a blood witch who wants to live in peace, fed up with death, please sign me up to read this. And a fierce princess who sees beyond the monster her family shaped her to be. Come on, tell me that isn’t a little enticing. Love and duty collide in this richly imagined, atmospheric young adult debut about a witch whose dark powers put her at the center of a brewing war between the only family she’s ever known and the enemy who makes her question everything.

3. The Wicked Remain
by Laura Pohl
Genre: Young Adult Fiction / Thrillers & Suspense / Fantasy / Contemporary
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

I still need to read book one of this series. But you know, I’m probably going to just buy the both of them together and devour them both. I work at a bookstore, I get discounts, I can totally afford it. But I digress, dark academia, fairy tale deaths and a curse? I think we all know me well enough by now to know it is everything I crave in a book. At Grimrose Académie, the fairy-tale deaths continue. And unless the curse is broken, one of the girls could be next. Perfect for fans of: Cinderella is Dead and GRIMM, Dark Academia, Fairytale Retellings & LGBTQ Rep.

4. Silver in the Mist
by Emily Victoria
Genre: Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Epic
Publisher: Inkyard Press

It is very rare to see asexual representation in literature. It is on the rise, and for that I am excited! I think it is important and the fact that we’re seeing it here with the main protagonist. Magic, and assassins, political upheaval, secrets and lies, this story sounds exciting.

5. Forestfall
by Lyndall Clipstone
Genre: Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

Another sequel where I haven’t read book one. But don’t you think I’m going to let that stop me from reading this. That just means I’m going to need to buy both. As if that’s a bad thing right. Nope, the Crimson Peak vibe I got from the first cover carries on here. So I’m excited. “Bloody, sumptuous, and as timeless as a fairy tale.” —April Genevieve Tucholke, author of The Boneless Mercies

6. The Depths
by Nicole Lesperance
Genre: Young Adult Fiction / Ghost Stories / Horror / Magical Realism

Publisher: Razorbill

You know I read Lesperance’s last book and enjoyed it. Had some issues with the main protagonist, but overall, her storytelling is amazing, the way she weaves together a story to make it magical. Here we have Victorian ghosts and an island of horrors? Color me intrigued. Plus, this cover is honestly haunting. I love it. “A tropical island full of secrets. Two Victorian ghosts, trapped for eternity. And a seventeen-year-old girl determined not to be next.

7. Raising the Horseman
by Serena Valentino
Genre: Young Adult Fiction / Fairy Tales & Folklore
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

I love Sleepy Hollow. I love the original tale, I love the movie starring Johnny Depp, love ghost stories. You know, I’ve been to Salem a bunch of times but I have yet to make it to Sleepy Hollow. One day, that is my solemn oath. Anyway, doesn’t this cover just give you goosebumps! A modern retelling that connects to the original tale. I’m in looooveeee! From the New York Times best-selling author of Disney’s Villains series comes a ghostly new stand-alone novel that reimagines The Legend of Sleepy Hollow through the eyes of a modern teen.

8. The Sunbearer Trials
by Aiden Thomas
Genre: Young Adult Fiction / LGBTQ+ / Fantasy / Epic
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends

As a Mexican women, and a proud one at that, I love stories that incorporate my culture. Semidioses compete for the chance to carry the Sol’s life and light to the temples while one is chosen to be sacrificed. The trials remind me a little of the Hunger Games, and also of The Seventh Sun series. Welcome to The Sunbearer Trials, where teen semidioses compete in a series of challenges with the highest of stakes, in this electric new Mexican-inspired fantasy from Aiden Thomas, the New York Times bestselling author of Cemetery Boys.

9. The Weight of Blood
by Tiffany D. Jackson
Genre: Young Adult Fiction / Thrillers & Suspense
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

I read this synopsis and oh my god, Carrie vibes. Just look at that cover! It is haunting, it is chilling, it is amazing. I love it. Jackson is a powerful writer, I mean, I honestly can’t get through Monday’s Not Coming because of how powerful her writing is. She grabs the reader on an emotional level and blows them out of the water, she’s incredible, without a doubt. So, like White Smoke, I’m going to read this because Jackson is an author who deserves to be read. New York Times bestselling author Tiffany D. Jackson ramps up the horror and tackles America’s history and legacy of racism in this suspenseful YA novel following a biracial teenager as her Georgia high school hosts its first integrated prom. A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection!

10. Shades of Rust and Ruin
by A. G. Howard
Genre: Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Contemporary
Publisher: Bloomsbury YA

I love this cover because the story takes place on Halloween. A family cursed on Halloween, a portal into a world that sounds remarkably like the Upside Down? Nix has been drawing this world all her life and now she is in it, looking for her uncle before the curse takes another member of her family. I’m highly interested. New York Times bestselling author A.G. Howard launches a dark and compelling new YA fantasy series about a girl whose family is cursed by Halloween.

11. Blood of Troy
by Claire M. Andrews
Genre: Young Adult Fiction / Legends, Myths, Fables / Greek & Roman
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

I need more time to read! I say that because I still need to read Daughter of Sparta. I love retellings, fairy tale ones, and greek ones as well. And now we’re at the Trojan War! With Daphne and Apollo! Come on, tell me that’s not exciting, just, I dare you. God, I’m so excited about this novel; I really am. Hopefully, Eris makes an appearance. Can’t have the Trojan War without some sort of golden apple. So excited! The sequel to Daughter of Sparta thrusts warrior Daphne and her love interest, the Olympian god Apollo, into the middle of the Trojan War in an epic YA fantasy reimagining of Greek mythology.

12. Don’t Let In the Cold
by Keely Parrack
Genre: Young Adult Fiction / Thrillers & Suspense
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Someone hunting three lone teenagers in a cold blizzard? Sign me up. Don’t Let In the Cold sounds like the last house on the left and cabin in the woods. A tense mystery with snow all around and not a sign of civilization, I mean, come on, talk about high tension! I am here for it and 100% excited. A claustrophobic, high-stakes thriller that will have you fearing what waits out in the cold. Perfect for readers who love: Mysteries for teens, snowy, atmospheric thrillers, and Fans of Natasha Preston, Natalie Richards, and Karen McManus

13. Self-Made Boys
by Anna-Marie McLemore
Genre: Young Adult Fiction / Historical / United States / 20Th Century
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends

Oh. My. God. I cannot begin to tell you how much I am in love with the synopsis of this story. Nick is Latino! Here we have a retelling of Great Gatsby where Nick is now Nicolás Caraveo, a 17-year-old transgender boy from Wisconsin. And Daisy, well, she has changed her name and now passes off as white. Dealing with cultural erasure, driven by the need to fit into society, this novel sounds amazing already. I am here for Nick and Jay because, let’s face it, Daisy never deserved him. “Stonewall Honor recipient and two-time National Book Award Longlist selectee Anna-Marie McLemore weaves an intoxicating tale of glamor and heartache in Self-Made Boys: A Great Gatsby Remix, part of the Remixed Classics series.

14. The Second Death of Edie and Violet Bond
by Amanda Glaze
Genre: Young Adult Fiction / Paranormal, Occult & Supernatural
Publisher: Union Square & Co.

I love a good historical fiction as much as the next girl. And I love that it is inspired by real life medium twins from the 19th century. But it is more than that. this is a mystery from beyond the grave when a nasty is hunting mediums and is responsible for their mothers’ death. And let’s not forget just how beautiful this cover is because it is lovely. “Travel beyond the veil in this thrilling and chilling supernatural debut with timely feminist themes, perfect for fans of Kerri Maniscalco—inspired by lives of real teenage twin mediums in the 19th century.  

15. The Sacrifice
by Rin Chupeco
Genre: Young Adult Fiction / Horror
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

This cover is chilling. Steeped in East Asian folklore, I definitely get Cabin in the Woods vibes. It also makes me think of Fantasy Island. I need to read this novel asap. A dreamer god, human sacrifices, a haunted island. Yo, I am here for this. An island oasis turns deadly when a terrifying legend threatens to kill off visitors one by one in this haunting novel from the highly acclaimed author of The Girl from the Well and the Bone Witch trilogy.

16. The Ballad of Never After
by Stephanie Garber
Genre: Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy
Publisher: Flatiron Books

Absolutely loved Once Upon a Broken Heart. I think I read that book in one day. I need to see how Jacks story ends, how Evangeline’s story ends. Oh, I loved it, and I’m super excited! Stephanie Garber’s The Ballad of Never After is the fiercely-anticipated sequel to the #1 New York Times bestseller Once Upon a Broken Heart, starring Evangeline Fox and the Prince of Hearts on a new journey of magic, mystery, and heartbreak

17. Defend the Dawn
by Brigid Kemmerer
Genre: Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy
Publisher: Bloomsbury YA

Defy the Night was such a good novel. Tess and Cade were such good complex characters that drive the original story forward. And considering the last novel ended when a revolution was about to take place, the character dynamics shifted and grew leading to just an explosive ending. I’m eager to see where this story goes. In the eagerly anticipated sequel to the New York Times bestseller Defy The Night author Brigid Kemmerer continues her electrifying series with more royal intrigue, more sizzling romance, and shocking twists that will leave readers breathless.

18. It Looks Like Us
by Alison Ames
Genre: Young Adult Fiction / Horror
Publisher: Page Street Kids

When the publisher says “The Thing” as part of their sales pitch you can bet you’re going to see me running. I love that movie, but I also love the remote factor, the horror element. That cover too, man, I’m drawn in , i need to see how this novel is going to end and play out. The remote terror of THE THING meets the body horror of WILDER GIRLS in this fast-paced Antarctic thriller.

19. Soul of the Deep
by Natasha Bowen
Genre: Young Adult Fiction / Romance / Historical 
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers

Take the little mermaid, put her on the coasts of Africa, add in some Gods of the Dead and African folklore and you’ve got a pretty unique story here. I love it. I love how beautiful the cover is, I love that the story of the little mermaid is reaching new heights. And, as we all know, I freaking love retellings and will read them every day all day. Sign me up! The highly anticipated sequel to the New York Times bestseller Skin of the Sea, in which the world must pay the price for one mermaid’s choice, and a dark force reverberates across realms. Perfect for fans of Children of Blood and Bone and those eagerly anticipating the live-action film adaptation of The Little Mermaid.

20. Foul Lady Fortune
by Chloe Gong
Genre: Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Historical
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books

I love Chloe Gong. I still have to read Our Violent End (don’t hate me — mom of 2), but I do love her writing and storytelling. And I like how this novel really stands apart from her first duology. Here we have spies pretending to be married in the 1930s. First of all, it sounds hilarious and makes me think of True Lies, and i can only imagine what is going ot happen between these two. From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of These Violent Delights and Our Violent Ends comes the first book in a captivating new duology following an ill-matched pair of spies posing as a married couple to investigate a series of brutal murders in 1930s Shanghai.

Thanks for joining me! I hope many of you keep a lookout for some of these titles. Now tell me, what are you looking forward to this Summer?

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