Review of ‘Daughter of the Moon Goddess’

An enchanting new take on the legend of Chang’e, Daughter of the Moon Goddess is a brilliantly written fantasy filled with romance and adventure.

Daughter of the Moon Goddess follows Xingyin, the daughter of Chang’e, as she navigates life away from home, navigating the complications of family and love.


daughter of the moon goddess

The best thing about Daughter of the Moon Goddess, which is saying a lot because it was absolutely brilliant across the board, was the characterization.

Xingyin goes through such an extraordinary journey throughout the novel. In the beginning, she is very much a sheltered and gentle girl. But once the burst of magic catches the eye of the celestial court, Chang’e must send her daughter away for her own protection.

Her journey is perilous because she cannot tell anyone who she is. But that does not stop her from being herself. Xingyin proves to everyone around them that she is a force to be reckoned with. Even when her heart is broken, she does not become a shade of herself. Instead, Xingyin grows, accepts what is, and begins to forge a new path to find happiness for herself.

Xingyin is a warrior. She takes up the legendary jade bow and becomes a hero to the celestial kingdom and her mother. Both thoughtful and wise, her growth extends off the pages. The reader is reading the story to follow her journey.


Now, while Daughter of the Moon Goddess is, in my opinion, a character-driven story, that does not mean the plot is lacking.

Sue Lynn Tan’s writing is magical. Her language and structure are almost poetic. It moves gracefully to build up those character dynamics and ensure the characters’ development shines off the pages.

I loved the passage of time and how the story grew from one thing and blossomed into this incredible journey. There is magic here, epic battles, romance, and dragons. Tan writes the story in a way that captures the reader’s attention, building up these plot elements to make them work together like music.

Final Thoughts

Daughter of the Moon Goddess in an incredible novel. Beautifully written and enchanting, Xingyin’s journey and adventure capture the reader’s heart.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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