Review of ‘Gilded’

Dark and enchanting, Gilded respins the tale of Rumpelstiltskin, capturing the reader with masterful storytelling, mystery, and a hint of romance.

Gilded is another masterful tale by the brilliant Marissa Meyer that delves into the creases of storytelling, bringing Serilda to life and the dangerous Erlking of the Wild Hunt.

Masterful Storytelling

Meyer has done it yet again. As a massive fan of her Lunar Chronicles and forever heartbroken by Heartless, I expected nothing but something spectacular from Gilded.

My expectations were high.

I was not disappointed.

Meyer is retelling the tale of Rumpelstiltskin. But in her own brilliant way. This is much darker than Heartless, but it doesn’t begin that way. Instead, Meyer builds the plot, raising the tension and creating a dark and gothic atmosphere. At times I felt as though I was reading a Grimm fairy tale.

Serilda is blessed by the god of stories and lies. Through this, we see her weaving together a fantastic story within a story. The tone takes the reader’s breath away without breaking the pace of the storytelling. The transitions between the main story and her stories are seamless. And as the plot thickens, those snippets that Serilda told become increasingly important.

They are more than just stories, masterfully adding to the overall plot, allowing the plot twist at the end to catch the reader off guard.


Those stories also worked to build up Serilda’s voice.

Serilda is a wonderful character. She has her sorrows, yet she finds the strength to continue. She finds the light in the situation, the hope, when all it seems like is despair. I love her resilience and her sharp tongue. Her cleverness is as well.

The way she grows and changes throughout the story allows the reader to connect to her. Not only does her voice jump off the pages, but her personality shines. I loved her dynamic with her father, the townspeople, the children, and most importantly, Gild.

Theirs is a soft burning romance. Two characters, drawn together out of loneliness, form a friendship that blossoms into a wonderful romance.

Final Thoughts

Gilded once again highlights Meyer’s prowess in writing and natural talent for storytelling.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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