Review of ‘Daughter of Sparta’

A new take on Greek Mythology, Daughter of Sparta follows Daphne, a warrior who must team with the Gods and her brother while she avoids falling in love with Apollo.

Compelling from beginning to end, Andrews spins a fantastic story of Daphne, pulling together various Greek myths to make the woman a hero, Gods, and Men.

Fierce & Unstoppable

I absolutely loved this novel and am mad at myself for taking this long to read Daughter of Sparta. I am a huge fan of Greek Mythology. I will read almost everything and anything about Greek Mythology. These are the bedtime stories I grew up with as a child. So, for me, Greek Mythology is very dear to me.

Andrews did a phenomenal job of showcasing Greek Mythology fantastically. Daphne is a mothakes, much like her brothers. They were taken in by the Spartans but were treated less than. So, to prove herself, Daphne trains to become a fierce Spartan warrior. While competing in the annual race in honor of the Gods, she comes across Artemis (my favorite Greek Goddess), who turns her brother into a stag for daring to spy on her while bathing and blackmailing Daphne to go on a quest to find the nine things stolen from the Gods.

On her quest, she is forced to join forces with the ever-alluring Apollo and crosses paths with Theseus, Prometheus, Ares, Hermes, and Hippolyta.

I loved the cast of characters and the way Andrews reinvented classic Greek Myths. Daphne battles the Minotaur, outwits the Sphinx, and fights against the Gods. She fights to stay true to herself, all while battling her growing affection for Apollo and resentment for the Gods.

All this leads to much inner conflict with her character, which adds to the story’s mounting tension. Daughter of Sparta hooks the reader and moves quickly, holding the reader in a vicelike grip. The action sequences and how the story develops are addictive and full of passion.

Final Thoughts

Daughter of Sparta is absolutely amazing. This is the perfect novel for fans of Greek Mythology.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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