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Week 33 2014 | Part 3 | Comic Review

Happy Friday readers! I hope you all have had a very fun week and have plans for a very fun weekend. To conclude this week’s comic reviews I bring you Earth 2 #26 where Superman is finally revealed or what he is – a fraud – and Action Comics #34 where the Last Sun story arc ends and the battle between Brianiac and Superman begins again.


Week 33 2014 | Part 2 | Comic Reviews

Hey there readers! Super-Critic (still working on name) is here to bring to you her latest review in the DC Comic book realm. Today we have Action Comics Annual #3 that had a lot of misprints and errors but still had a strong story.

Week 52 Part 1

Brightest Day: Green Lantern #61 Oh boy. The Butcher was revealed. The Red Lantern Entity of Rage. And here comes the Spectre to pass Judgement. Ya know, I really like Atrocitus man, he’s a good man, well some what. He … Continue Reading Week 52 Part 1