Gag Concert’s Jung Bumgyun "Big Bang’s T.O.P is a handsome grass doll" [NEWS]

Jung Bumgyun has made a nickname for Big Bang’s TOP.

On the KBS 2TV April 15th episode of “Gag Concert- Mantis Preschool,” Jung Bumgyun, Park Soyoung, and Hong Nayoung danced to Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby.”

When the music stopped, Jung Bumgyun said “If you dance like this, you can become a handsome grass doll.” This is when Jung Bumgyun took out a grass doll that has green grass hair, as Hong Nayoung took out a photo of TOP.

In the photo Hong Nayoung showed, one can see how TOP has the same green hair as the grass doll, bringing laughter to the audience.


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